Property Management

Property Management

Bhoolok Services is a distinct business entity


the Bhoolok International Realty Pvt Ltd

Bhoolok has always been committed to its loyal customers the best value and service are always provided by us maintaining International standards  And this is been followed since 2009 Over 25 years in Property Management to provide High Quality Maintenance and Post Care for all Property under Bhoolok .

The objective for Property Management has always been to provide world class support and maintenance services for all the Properties under Bhoolok .The services offered can be customised to meet the needs of our clients, Larger scale to smaller scale developments like residential properties like apartments, villas ,  Commercial properties and even  Industrial Properties with international standards

We have worked with several customers in all fields may be Residential, Commercial, or Industrial.  To develop a transparent maintenance for better understanding of property maintenance and enables them to manage costs. In terms of commercial investors, we have helped them in assessing their property and address issues periodically. This practice of undertaking “periodical maintenance’ helps extend the life of the asset so that owners receive the best possible rents. We offer a range of billing options and work so that customers can choose to customize the property management package to suit their individual needs.

important and precious for generations.

The service we offer will give relief for the owners of properties, especially owner

who are away from their property benefit. owner can stay anywhere in the world comfortably

 without any worry about his/her property and they can see their property,

Periodically and receive rent and get updates about property.

We manage the property by providing end-to-end services
Like taking property letting rights to let the property from owner, Identifying
Right tenants, Tenant background check, Sign agreement and renewal work as per law, property tax,

  Liasoning work as well.

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