Store your property documents online- Top 3 benefits of moving to a Digital Platform

BENEFIT #1: Quick and Easy Access

Have you wasted hours trying to find the one document you need? Searching for documents through a library of file cabinets is tedious and involves a lot of energy. On the other hand, documents stored digitally can be easily tracked and retrieved immediately during an emergency. Digitized documents can also be shared with anyone who needs it in real-time, which is usually not possible with the paper documents.

BENEFIT #2: Enhanced Security and Greater Reliability

Who can you turn to for help and aid, if your property papers have been misplaced, lost or stolen? Property documents are important and having adequate security and control is imperative. Hard copies have a high probability of being damaged either by a flood, fire outbreak, or any other force majeure meaning Act of God. With digital archiving as a backup, documents are protected from any kind of disasters. Digitized documents can be controlled and easily secured with access controls such as passwords and an authentication system. If redundancy measures are implemented properly, electronic files neither go missing nor do they fall into the wrong hands unlike paper documents.

BENEFIT #3: Improves Compliance and Accessibility:

Maintaining regulatory compliance with payment of requisite charges, taxes, cesses and other levies for your property gets easy when the documents are stored digitally. In just one click, you can make these documents available for submissions, review, checks, etc. Moreover, faster accessibility to all property related documents during a property sale helps in making more accurate and informed decision for the buyers and has enduring benefits for enhancing the property value.

-Bhoolok International Realty Pvt Ltd